Gluten Free Brownie Mix Recipe

Gluten free brownies are easy to make at home using this Gluten Free Brownie Mix Recipe!

Gluten Free Brownie Mix Recipes

It has been three years since I launched my ebook the Gluten Free Baking Mix Cookbook. I can’t believe that it has been that long.

I still love and use so many of the recipes in that ebook. I almost always have a container of the master baking mix in my refrigerator. I love keeping it on hand for quick and easy gluten free food.

Over the last couple of years I have continued to work on new gluten free mixes and recipes. Today I am sharing one with you.

Gluten Free Brownie Mix

This recipe doesn’t actually use my gluten free baking mix. This recipe is for a totally new mix. It is for a simple homemade brownie. Just like the kind you get in a box at the store.

Before I went gluten free brownies were one of my favorite quick and easy go to desserts. They work great for a simple dessert. They also work great for serving company or taking to a potluck dinner.

After I went gluten free I had trouble finding a store bought gluten free brownie that I liked. They were okay, but none of them were the same as the gluten filled version. So I went to work on creating my own.

With quite a bit of tweaking and adjusting I came up with a version that my family loves. These are so close to the real thing both in taste and in texture. Both the gluten free eaters and the none gluten free eaters enjoy these brownies.

You can easily make just a batch at a time of this recipe. Or you can make up several bags of it to keep on hand for a quick dessert. You can also three or four times the recipe and place it in a large jar or container. Then you just scoop out what you need to make a batch. It is quick, easy, and delicious!

Gluten Free Brownie Mix


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  1. Gosh! Lynn, your gluten free baking mix is the best thing to happen to a cook!! Honestly, you made it so easy for a cook to whip together a dessert, and they are so good! My hubby loves loves loves the orange muffins. He begs for them. BTW he is not gf, but he does love the taste of your recipes. That’s okay with me as he is eating healthier–not chemicals and preservatives and other hidden “stuff ” from store bought. Ty

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