Homemade Gluten Free Baking Mix

Gluten Free Baking Mix_

The Gluten Free Baking Mix ebook is based on a basic gluten free mix. I have four versions of the basic mix, all using a different fat. My ebook includes over 50 recipes that I have developed for using this mix and am continuing to develop more.

So stay tuned for more quick and easy and delicious ways to use this basic mix.

All versions of this mix work great in recipes, but I have noticed a slight difference in how the end results turn out.

I have found that I like to keep several versions on hand. You might decide that you like to do the same or you may find a favorite version that you enjoy.

My favorite version is the butter version. I think it is the most versatile in all the recipes. The downside to the butter version is that it needs stored in the refrigerator.

The shortening version works great and I love it, but it is shortening, which is not my favorite fat to use. However, if you are out of butter or need a more shelf stable version, the shortening works great.

The lard version is delicious, and I love it in savory type foods. Since it is lard though it has a little bit of a different taste, so I would avoid it in cookies and desserts.

The coconut oil version is a great dairy free and slightly healthy fat option, however it does change the taste of recipes. The coconut oil version works really well in pancakes, muffins, and breakfast foods.  In other things we could taste the difference, but if you are used to baking with coconut oil, you may not notice the difference as much as my family did.

Gluten-Free Family Recipes


  1. Hi, Where did you find the glass containers you are using in the photo? Thank you, Rachel

    • I found those at Marshall’s a few months ago. They had just a few of them on the end of an aisle and I instantly knew they would work well for my gf mix or gf flours. I love the colors.

  2. Nancy Hopping-Rivera says:

    I need a recipe for GF baking mix without potato starch or potato flour that you have used & had good results! Please & Thank you! :-)

  3. Hi, I just purchased your book and love your recipes! The baking mix is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to know which recipe you would recommend for plain biscuits. The sausage and cheese bites or strawberry biscuit bites? I see one has added fat.

    Thank you, Pam

    • I would use the sausage and cheese one. I guess, I need to share my regular biscuit recipe on this site. I will add it to the list, but it is basically the sausage and cheese one without the extras. I hope you enjoy the ebook and the baking mix.

  4. Thanks for providing sooooo many recipes! I’ve just discovered your site and am eager to give gf baking a try. Which kind of rice flour is best in this recipe….brown or white….or are they interchangeable? Thanks again!

    • I am glad you are enjoying the recipes. I plan to share more here on this site over the next few months. I have used both brown and white rice flour and both work. I usually use what I have or a combo of both. I hope that helps and I hope you enjoy the recipes.

  5. Hello Lynn! I have been gifted your wonderful cookbook and I am very excited to get to trying some recipes. I just mixed up the master baking mix and was looking for a plain (buttermilk?) biscuit recipe but I did not find one on your sites or in the book. I would LOVE it if you would post one. Thank you so much, I’ll be back to your sites often and this is the first of many posts, I’m sure!

    • I am so glad you are enjoying the ebook. What a nice gift for someone to give. I love making gluten free easy and delicious and I love sharing it with others. I have had several ask for a basic biscuit recipe and need to get that posted here. I made them yesterday and took pictures so I hope to share it in the next day or two. So stay tuned for it.

  6. I’m allergic to corn & potato (as well as soy) and gluten intolerant. Do you think it would work to substitute arrowroot starch for the potato starch? Thanks!

    • I have not used much arrowroot in baking, so I am not sure. If it usually works in other recipes, I would think it would in this. If you try it, I would love to hear how it turns out.

  7. Thank you for creating your GF Baking Mix. I made a recipe from a Youtube video using the GF Bisquick Baking Mix which is very expensive. It has no shortening included in the mix. I will be able to make your mix without shortening to use with the recipes that use the Bisquick GF Mix and a separate mix for the recipes that use your baking mix with the shortening added. I also purchased your recipe book online. Thanks for keeping the price reasonable. BTW I only use Spectrum Shortening which is a healthy alternative to regular shortening. I am always looking for new recipes for my daughter who is gluten intolerant so she won’t go crazy for want of ”normal” snacks.


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